As a passenger carrier, you operate in heterogeneous markets and apply different strategies to each market segment. To succeed, you need a revenue management solution that can handle that complexity and adapt to a wide range of situations.


Appia is aligned with your commercial strategy


Advanced forecasting and optimization

Unlike classic revenue management systems relying on simplified static analyses of past bookings, Appia analyzes customers’ behaviour, segment by segment, to understand their decision-making process and model reality the way it actually happens. It can then dynamically predict what customers are likely to do when facing new choices, including those from your competitor.

Armed with accurate forecasts and a solid understanding of your customers' behaviour, Appia uses intelligent automation and algorithms to optimize the inventory mix to maximize revenues in every single departure.


Manage by Exception

Many departures are not critical enough to justify an analyst spending time handling them individually. Through the use of intelligent algorithms and flexible rules, Appia manages most routine operations automatically and alerts analysts when action is required.

This approach increase your analysts' productivity and effectiveness by freeing them from repetitive and low-value operational tasks, and instead allowing them to focus on higher-value strategic and tactical activities to generate additional revenue on critical departures.


Simple and intuitive work flow

All routine and ad-hoc actions are accomplished in Appia using an intuitive and purpose-designed graphical user interface (GUI), which allows users to swiftly analyze departures, take tactical inventory actions, and adjust commercial strategies.

Appia’s GUI is designed for ease of use, maximum stability and performance. It
offers intuitive streamlined navigation and one-click synchronization between screens to give users access to required information and functionality when they need it.


Adaptability and return on investment in the most cost-efficient manner

Through its built-in flexibility and configurability, Appia can be deployed very quickly to begin achieving your business objectives. From then on Appia adapts to solve virtually any revenue management problem you may encounter and it evolves with your commercial and competitive context.

Whether through quick wins or in tandem with targeted strategies, Appia is a cost-efficient solution that begins paying for itself from day one.

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