Our team of experts will train your staff to use and maintain Appia so you can maximize its benefits to your business.

On-site Training Sessions

ExPretio's training program has been designed to help your organization be ready to start using Appia at the earliest opportunity.

The training sessions are conducted in your locations to facilitate hands-on practice with the specific tools and functionality that your staff will be using.

If required, ExPretio will set up the necessary virtual environments that your users can access remotely for training purposes.

Train the Trainer

Our “Train the Trainer” approach ensures that your key players have the necessary knowledge and in-depth understanding they need to train other staff and new hires. This guarantees a continuity of knowledge transfer over time.

Appia Documentation

We supplement our training sessions with extensive documentation on every aspect of Appia. 

  • User Reference Manual
  • Installation and Configuration Guide
  • System Administration Manual
  • Troubleshooting Guide