ExPretio offers passenger transport operators complete revenue optimization and customer intelligence solutions.

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Appia is ExPretio's Revenue Management solution that helps Train Operators leverage the impact of their commercial offer to generate significant revenue improvements and strengthen their competitive position.

BUS & Coach

Nuova helps Bus & Coach Operators increase their revenues by maximizing the utilization of their network and fleet, and increasing their overall productivity.                                                                            


ExPretio is committed to providing strategic guidance to our clients wishing to solve Customer Intelligence and Revenue Management challenges linked to a fast-changing environment.                   





ExPretio is a privately owned company based in Montreal, Canada that and was founded in 2003.

Our company is the culmination of over two decades of academic research in pricing and revenue optimization by RM practitioners and experts in operations research and management science.

Our management team has decades of experience in delivering dependable solutions to organizations of all sizes.

We benefit from a strategic and industrial relationship with the SNCF Group, a long-time adviser and investor since 2007, and whose aim has been to address an important need in the field of revenue management and optimization, where the existing solutions were adaptations from other industries, but which were not well suited to the rail market.